[ roots ]

1988. Summer of love. I got infected by ACID HOUSE... and then I went through the whole evolution of house and techno music... NEW BEAT, HIP HOUSE, GARAGE.

Then I started DJing back in 1991 when the Technowave was strong. So Techno was one of the first styles that I played. A big influence at that time was Torsten Fenslau. I always recorded his clubnights at HR3 (FM) and my mixtapes often had parallels to his sets. Long intros and always electronic music classics from Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and other famous bands were included. At that time I played under my demoscene nick MC LASER at local parties, mostly small crappy shit.

I stepped forward to the new styles Trance, Breakbeat and Techno until my army time came in 1995. DJing stopped for a while. My music taste changed a bit and in my opinion TECHNO was dead. NO innovations at all anymore, just stupid 4-2-da-flour beats for 10 minutes and nothing else! Complete crap!

Electro and trippy bigbeats had my interest after my army time was finished in 1996. At the end of 1997 I started DJing again. At the same time I met the guys from VINYL KARTELL and now we produce and djing together from time to time. About my nickname: I saw the movie JOHNNY MNEMONIC and at a special part JAY-BONE (ICE-T) says: "LOTEK STYLE!". Bang! That was it!

In 1999, I released my first track on SHITKATAPULT Cozmick Suckers Compilation Volume Blue. It is a cooperation track with FREQUENCY 9/VINYL KARTELL called RAUMSONDE.

Today Im living again in the 1980s - living imprisoned in this neverending timeloop. Synth musics, teenage dreams, I relive my youth infected by a RETROvirus. So my DJ sets spawns obscure flowers.