[ lyrics ]
deep space probes from america
they were both named voyager
are on their way through outer space
featuring fragments of the human race

'sprache, musik und bild'

raumsonde (c) 1999 lotek style
I step into the grid
light cycle at high speed
got other warriors to defeat
im videospielkrieg

tank programs hunting me
the next sector is now reached
shooting at me with energy
im videospielkrieg

communication tower raid
got my disc encrypted back
now this disk is going to fly
the MCP is going to die.

videospielkrieger (c) 2000 lotek style
.beams are gonna blind me
I am riding on a beam
a digital clean data stream
travelling with bits & bytes along
binary encoding zero one

the beams are gonna blind me
the data streams behind me
the beams are gonna blind me
the lights are gonna guide me

much more clusters passing by
Fujijamatari signs
and in the distant digiland
the pyramids of IBM


a database, my journey ends
all panther moderns are my friends
we break the ice with no problems
we gonna steal the whole contents


beams are gonna blind me (c) 2001 lotek style