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14th of april 2007

New upcoming event added.

20th of october 2006

-added two new track called "Interstellare Distanz"

and -"crushed the majors"

-also added an interview done at evoke demoparty

-replaced "beams are gonna blind me"-mp3 with a more acurate mp3 conversion in 192kbs.

16th of july 2006

It has been quite a while since the last update but I'm back!

-added one new track called "Die Klänge der Neutrinowolken"


-a new dj-mix done together with FREQUENCY 9.

20th of august 2005

two new tracks added:

-Grussfrequenz (2005)
-Rainspiration (2005)

Also fixed some faulty links and added chiptune and modfile downloads for several older tunes.

09th of april 2005

new tracks added:

-Datapirate (2005)
-Spieler 1, Los (2005)
-Future cities (2004)
-Diva (2004)
-Diskdrive flashlights (2003)
-Stavromula beta (2003)
-Weltbildzerstörer (2003

videolink added:
-Beams are gonna blind me

28th of august 2004

invisible modifications

28th of august 2004

dj mixes removed because of copyright law

2nd of october 2004

New track added for download - KRELL EMPIRE